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Delivering Oxygen-Cleaned components across the USA from
"Way Down ‘Yonder in New Orleans"
We are Gas Technology Consultants, Inc. – our friends call us "GTC”. With 45 years in the compressed gas and welding industries, we know Certified Oxygen Cleaning and Oxygen Piping Systems, and we know about making them work for you, no matter what the application. We know that all your processes are vital. We know that one code violation can cripple operations. We know that every job matters – from a $200 regulator to a $2 million pipeline. We know that if it's not right, it's wrong, and if it's wrong, it will never be right. We know what it takes to create, maintain, enhance, and ensure piping systems that work.

GTC is a Professional Consulting Firm, specializing in Certified Oxygen Cleaning Services & Management and the establishment of Oxygen, Inert and Fuel Gas Distribution Piping Systems. We are board certified forensic examiners and can assist and support clients who have experienced Oxygen fires, catastrophic failures or piping system explosions.

Gas Technology Consultants, located in metro New Orleans, Louisiana, provides technical assistance and professional services across the USA to assist its clients in conformance and compliance to standards, regulatory codes, procedures, and safe practices, as required by specific governing agencies and regulatory bodies. With over 200 years combined expertise in the compressed gas industry, Gas Technology Consultants understands the importance of moving molecules from the source to the point of use – safely and profitably.

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